Facts about Theodore Roosevelt – Things Most People Do Not Know

Theodore Roosevelt, the twenty-sixth president of the United States of America was born on the 27th of October, 1858. This happened on East 20th Street, in a Manhattan brownstone. Aside from these simple facts about Theodore Roosevelt, there are still many realities about him that not all people are aware of. What are these?

Interesting Information about Theodore Roosevelt

Little do people know that both the wife and mother of Theodore passed away on the same day. This occurred on February 14, 1884. His mother died because of typhoid fever. The same also happened with his wife, who was just a floor above them, after 12 hours because of Bright’s disease. There were just many complications related to her giving birth. This was the first child of the two and she gave birth two days prior to her death. In his diary, Roosevelt said that the life of his light has gone out.

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In the year 1895, Roosevelt was given an appointment as the commissioner of the New York police. This was the time when he attempted to make a reform in America to deal with its corrupt police. There were even times when he went through midnight rambles just to assure if the officers were doing their best to maintain the peace and order for the place. This led him to the enforcement of an unpopular law. This was a decision that directed towards the banning of alcohol in a lot of their saloons every Sundays. This made him quite a not so popular figure back there in New York. However, he still persisted in this crusade. He insisted even if he received two letter bombs in his mail. This was how intense the reaction was.

There was also a time in the life of Roosevelt when he decided to go for skinny-dipping. This occurred in the Potomac River. During the time of his presidency, he would always find a way to escape the walls of the White House. He would do this so that he could sail in his presidential yacht. He would often perform this in the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers. It became regular and it even inspired him to hike expeditions in Rock Creek Park, He would normally scale through the cliffs and would utilize stumps and twigs whenever he has a target practice. He was seen walking along the Potomac with his own revolver. There were also instances when he would just shed off all his clothes and then eventually take a plunge in the river so that he could cool off. He was known for doing this too.

He became even well-known when triumphed over the Noble Peace Prize. This was related to his exploits during the Spanish-American War in San Juan Hill. His role in the mediation of the Treaty of Portsmouth which encouraged the ending of the Russo-Japanese War was recognized immensely. He was the very first American to ever be given this award.