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Facts about Theodore Roosevelt – Things Most People Do Not Know

Theodore Roosevelt, the twenty-sixth president of the United States of America was born on the 27th of October, 1858. This happened on East 20th Street, in a Manhattan brownstone. Aside from these simple facts about Theodore Roosevelt, there are still many realities about him that not all people are aware of. What are these?

Interesting Information about Theodore Roosevelt

Little do people know that both the wife and mother of Theodore passed away on the same day. This occurred on February 14, 1884. His mother died because of typhoid fever. The same also happened with his wife, who was just a floor above them, after 12 hours because of Bright’s disease. There were just many complications related to her giving birth. This was the first child of the two and she gave birth two days prior to her death. In his diary, Roosevelt said that the life of his light has gone out.

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In the year 1895, Roosevelt was given an appointment as the commissioner of the New York police. This was the time when he attempted to make a reform in America to deal with its corrupt police. There were even times when he went through midnight rambles just to assure if the officers were doing their best to maintain the peace and order for the place. This led him to the enforcement of an unpopular law. This was a decision that directed towards the banning of alcohol in a lot of their saloons every Sundays. This made him quite a not so popular figure back there in New York. However, he still persisted in this crusade. He insisted even if he received two letter bombs in his mail. This was how intense the reaction was.

There was also a time in the life of Roosevelt when he decided to go for skinny-dipping. This occurred in the Potomac River. During the time of his presidency, he would always find a way to escape the walls of the White House. He would do this so that he could sail in his presidential yacht. He would often perform this in the Anacostia and Potomac Rivers. It became regular and it even inspired him to hike expeditions in Rock Creek Park, He would normally scale through the cliffs and would utilize stumps and twigs whenever he has a target practice. He was seen walking along the Potomac with his own revolver. There were also instances when he would just shed off all his clothes and then eventually take a plunge in the river so that he could cool off. He was known for doing this too.

He became even well-known when triumphed over the Noble Peace Prize. This was related to his exploits during the Spanish-American War in San Juan Hill. His role in the mediation of the Treaty of Portsmouth which encouraged the ending of the Russo-Japanese War was recognized immensely. He was the very first American to ever be given this award.

Facts about Thomas Edison & his Invention

In realizing the inventions of Thomas Alva Edison, you will only be asked to look around. Basically, this prolific inventor has done some much. He was able to make the most of his 84 years. As a matter of fact, he only has 1,093 patents written after his name. Fascinating, right? There are still other facts about Thomas Edison that no student will be exempted from learning. His contribution in phonograph, incandescent light bulb, motion picture camera, electrical systems, X-ray, telephone and telegraph are all vital up to this date. Their importance cannot be denied. That is for sure.

A misconception

Whenever the name Thomas Alva Edison is mentioned, there is only one thing that will pop out a person’s mind – light bulb. While this is true, there should be corrections that have to be made there. Thomas was dubbed as the Wizard of Menlo Park. There were claims saying that he actually did not even the mentioned. More on, his ideas like on the use of cement in building refrigerators, furniture, homes and even pianos. Aside from this, he also has a role in the rogue elephant execution through electrocution. This is another point for him.

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Thomas was born in February 11, 1847. What other interesting information should be learned about Thomas?

When Thomas was still young, he was considered inquisitive. However, he was also a poor student. This might had been the perception of him because he wandered a lot. Out of the 7 siblings, he was the youngest. He was called Al that time, only because he was addled. This pet name was given by his teacher.

The moment her mother learned about this, she was furious. Edison was even pulled out from school because of that. He only spent three months for formal education. Since then, he was home schooled. His mother was the one who taught him a lot of things. With this, he even stated that his mother was responsible in making him.

At the age of 10, Edison was able to come up with his very first lab. Prior to turning 10, it was his mother who handed him a book. This was an elementary science book. It pertained on how to do chemistry experiments at their house. Since then, Edison found himself really hooked. This led to him doing his own experiments too. Since he has the fascination, he doled out his own money and purchase chemicals to perform his new found hobby.

Thomas was deaf. He was 12 when he began losing his hearing. There was a legend saying that this occurred because a train conductor smacked his ears. This must have come from the fire in one of his experiments. Even Thomas admitted that he faced injuries. There were claims saying that this was because of a fever he had when he was still young. It turned out to be a genetic issue because even his brother suffered the same fate. Despite this, Thomas liked his condition.

Holden’s Syndrome: A Story of Learning About Asperger’s

There are many kids in the world whose parents have experienced the singular frustrations and confusions that my son and I have been through. This brief outline of our lives together may not be as unique as it seemed to be in those first years, and maybe it will shed some light on readers in the same situation who haven’t yet found the answers that we have. I met Holden when he was two. He always seemed to be in his own world and he hardly spoke. I became his mother when he was four, his father and I moving our new family to another state. It was there that Holden started talking non-stop, he became more “car” than “boy,” he kept running away, and we realized that there was more to him than it seemed.

Obsession, Selfishness, Disrespect, and Innocence

He was my first four-year-old and I just thought that he was being a mischievous normal boy. The fact that he wouldn’t quit talking about, pretending to be, or making the sounds of automobiles didn’t register as overly unusual to me. A lot of little boys liked cars. Then I remembered: On a walk to the park he was pretending to drive a car, and when I stopped at the curb and said, “Holden we’re crossing a street, I need your hand please,” he made the motion of manually rolling down his window before poking his arm out to hold my hand. I didn’t know many kids who did that.

HoldenReidWeb.jpg (1825×1825)

I also remembered that each time he ran away we found him either pretending to drive a parked rider lawnmower, or someone found him pretending to drive their vehicle parked in their driveway, or he had “borrowed” a neighbor kid’s toy truck and was found playing with it in another kid’s sandbox three blocks away. Always driving, making those uncannily real sounds, and trespassing in order to do all of this. He was obsessed.

It was when we enrolled him in Head Start that we realized that there was something unmistakably unique about Holden. His interaction with the other kids was disruptive and selfish, even to the point of having kicked a boy in the head before laughing as though he’d just played a harmless prank. He was constantly in his own world, and wouldn’t look at anybody who spoke to him. Granted, though, by then he was only five. Maybe he just needed the guidance to learn better.

Diagnosis: Some ADHD, Gifted Brilliance, and No Filter

We moved again when Holden was five. He started kindergarten and we saw some more difficulties arise. He was getting distracted and frustrated beyond the teacher’s ability to function. Holden was disrupting the whole class by throwing fits when he had a hard time with an activity. Punishments and consequences, where he sat in class, change in academic level; none of it altered his behavior. We limped through that year and still didn’t have a clue about his issues when it was over.

He changed schools for the next few years, and we enrolled him in a program for gifted kids. We had discovered that he was particularly bright, and could do a wonderful job academically if only he’d pay attention. Oddly, his greatest friends were the teachers and aides rather than fellow students. Finally, at the suggestion of his overwrought second-grade teacher, we had him seen by a child psychiatrist.

Diagnosis: attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. That explained the lack of attention span and the restlessness, walking on the balls of his feet, and hysterical laughter at little things. But I still noticed the unexplained phenomena of Holden ignoring friendly kids at the park, and instead approaching the parents who sat nearby, proceeding to take up impressive conversation with them. One man said to me, “He will make a great politician someday! He walked right up to me fearlessly with a handshake and introduced himself with his full name!” I also caught him telling people about where we live, his father’s drinking habits, my yelling and sending him to his room, what kind of car we have, and the fact that I drove through a stop sign and got pulled over… Holden had no filters.

A Syndrome by Any Other Name

We finally moved to our current home and an overall better life. Wanting to continue the medications that helped him to focus and learn in school, we saw our first psychiatrist in our new state, and the words out of the man’s mouth were, “Holden could be the poster child for Asperger’s Syndrome.”

A light went on as I read about it: Not socially inclined toward his peers, doesn’t register social cues while in conversation like facial expression or turning away, won’t maintain eye contact while talking, and has a deep interest in one main subject. The anxiety, ADHD and tendency toward a view of “black-or-white” in any situation were also hand-in-hand with this diagnosis. Pieces were coming together and we had a plethora of guidelines to work with as we found many articles about Asperger’s syndrome. At eight years old, we let Holden know that there was a name for the difficulties he was experiencing. He had a problem with one thing, though. “I don’t like that name. Can we just call it ‘Holden’s Syndrome’ or something instead?”

We have traveled a bumpy road in order to find the smoothest ride through Holden’s life experience. We also know that despite the common label and cures for “Asperger Syndrome Kid,” each child is different, so we work with it moment by moment. Most of all we emphasize that it’s not a sickness, and it’s doesn’t have to be a disability. It’s simply a challenge with great opportunity to shape a wonderful and unique person.

Mouth Swab Drug Test Facts

As a long term of drugs user, you might be thinking about how to pass the drug test. I said it is important to go through it when you try to apply for a job. Drugs use just simply can be detected by mouth swab. A urine test may work a lot for testing in which your body contains narcotics. Even a marijuana users might be scared of the fact that you might fail to pass a selection because of drug use. Here, in this article, I would like to share some of mouth swab drug test facts, the easiest way of knowing drugs abuse.

The Procedure

Mostly, the saliva test is used by most companies for legal purposes. Mouth drug test will take your saliva. Just amount of them. They have you open your mouth so they can take the saliva by swabbing using a small plastic stick. It takes just some seconds. After that, your saliva will be placed in the small container to be analyzed. It’s a quite simple procedure of drugs testing.

Mostly the companies will see whether your body contain Marijuana, Opiates, Ecstasy, Methamphetamine, PCP, Cocaine and Amphetamines. The saliva test is claimed valid for 3 days after snorting, smoking or ingesting. If you are a marijuana smoker, and you smoke daily, then stop for 3 days, it is possible for you to pass the test. In this case, swab test is not that much valid than a urine test can do. Most people who smoke marijuana will stop in several days even brush their teeth and use mouth wash for the safest result.

  • The oral fluid test is much better for drug screening like cocaine, opiates, and methamphetamine. This is 60% more sensitive.
  • I found some data about how long drugs can exist in the body system:
  • Marijuana & hash will stay up to 24 hours
  • Opiates are around 2-3 days
  • Cocaine is 2-3 days
  • Amphetamines, Meth, Ecstasy will be 2 until 4 days
  • PCP will be 3 days

The Ones Who Did Saliva Test!

However, some users also reported that they still fail even though do things like I wrote before. It could be because they a long user of drugs, so the residue still exists in their body for a long time. Some of the people were so stressful got themselves a random oral swab. If it happens to you, you might save if you do procedures I write above, but the things may be worst.

A site from the weed blog discussed it. Some members told that they failed. Joseph was one of them who smoked over 3 years and stop in three days before the test. It was so bad seeing him fail to pass. Conversely, Brian who had been a heavy smoker and try to decrease the smoking habit in the last month and stop. He was 84 hours not smoking. Finally, he got the result clean. He passed the swab test.  If you are facing the same thing like them, feel  free to post your story below.